Academic coaching is a service that uses cognitive and educational techniques to helps students to perform better in school by improving their executive function skills such as working memory, reasoning, study skills, and more! Academic coaching is similar to athletic coaching.
At East Florida Educational Services, we work with the student in mind. We provide each student encouragement, support, and development of the needed skills and strategies for success.

Yes! Tutors focus on the Subject. They are skilled in a specific subject matter, and they tend to focus on what a student needs to learn for a class. Educational Coaches focus on the student. They encouragement students in becoming better learners by taking into consideration a student’s academic, cognitive, and emotional strengths and challenges. They provide students the tools and strategies to use throughout their academic careers and beyond.

East Florida Educational Services academic coaching program is intended to help students improve their educational experience and have a successful education. Our academic coaches help students through the barriers that arise during the semester and assist them to create positive and effective habits that lead to academic, professional and personal success. Our program is designed to benefit any student who wishes to:
• Improve study skills
• Create a plan to overcome barriers to academic success
• Improve test-taking skills
• Improve time management skills
• Develop positive daily routines and habits
• Become active class participants
• Use active reading strategies for your textbooks
• Reduce stress and anxiety

The goal of academic coaching is to teach the student a variety of strategies and skills to increase academic success based on their individual needs. Academic coaching commonly focuses on study skills, homework completion, organization, time management, building self-advocacy and various other skills.

Tutors focus on the subject. Educational coaches focus on the student. Tutors are skilled in a specific subject matter, and they tend to focus on what a student needs to learn for a class. When a student is struggling with one subject in school, hiring a tutor is a great solution. Educational Coaches take a well-rounded approach in assisting students. When working with students, Educational Coaches take into consideration a student’s academic, cognitive, and emotional strengths and challenges.

Tutors are not teachers. Tutors are not parents. Chandler-Gilbert Community College defined a tutor as, “A one-to-one or small group activity where a person who is knowledgeable and has expertise in a specific content area or discipline provides tutelage, help, or clarification to one or more who do not”. The aim of tutoring is to aid students to become independent learners and increase their motivation to learn.

Yes, because we take education and safety seriously! East Florida Educational Services screens prospective tutors to ensure we enlist well-qualified professionals who are passionate about teaching one or more of our subject areas. Before any tutor is invited to be a part of East Florida Educational Services, we perform background and criminal checks. As an additional method of quality control, our administrative Web team routinely monitors tutoring sessions.

The Princeton Review affirmed that tutoring is absolutely worth it! The cost of the tutoring corresponds with the quality of the instruction and the level of hands-on, concierge-style costumer service you’ll receive. Tutoring is personalized based on your strengths, challenges and learning style. The convenience is unbeatable—our tutors will meet with you in your home, online or in a place convenient to you according to your schedule.

Before your tutoring session, you should prepare by doing your class reading and homework and preparing a list of questions or topics that you would like to cover. If you feel totally lost, think of two or three general questions.

Tutoring Appointments usually last one hour.

During the initial conversation, the student and tutor will determine a mutually convenient schedule. The advantage of tutoring is that it can be as flexible as you need it to be and is never set in stone. Tutoring sessions may change week to week.

You should bring your text and class notes as well as any other study material you have. Bringing in resources and coming prepared with questions to guide the tutor best help you.

East Florida Educational Services believes in helping students understand the concepts behind what they are working on so that our students can learn how to solve the problem and reach the answer on their own.

As for a guarantee, we cannot make any promises or assurances about score increases. We feel we offer extremely high-quality preparation, but there are still many factors beyond our control. For example, we cannot require you to study on your own outside of your tutoring sessions, but we feel that is essential to improving your score. We also cannot control whether students will face performance-inhibiting factors such as test anxiety, illness, or test center distractions.

Online tutoring is the process of tutoring in an online, virtual environment or networked environment in which teachers and learners are separated by time and space.

Yes, one of our tutors will be live with you.

You will meet at a set time that you select on our scheduler. You will be in real time with your tutor via programs such as Skype, and WizIQ.

As far as seeing, this occurs only if you turn on your Webcam. You will be prompted to turn on your microphone. Then you and the tutor can talk using the computer.

Not until you make it happen. If you have a draft, the tutor will ask you to share your document and tell you how. Once you do this, the tutor can see your paper.


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